Our Business

Our Business

Research & Development

Product Development to Meet Customer Needs

Product development must correspond to the needs of the customer and the market. We keep in close contact with the sales division to get a sense of these needs and issues, either directly from customer feedback or when customers do not even realize the issues themselves, and we work together to implement the solutions. We are also constantly exchanging information with the production division in order to appropriately deliver developed products to the manufacturing lines, as we work to provide safe and secure products to our customers.

Product Development to Meet Customer Needs
In Continuous Pursuit of Added Value

Turning the Interesting into the Tangible

Our strength lies in our ability to create distinct seasonings and ingredients for confectionery and bread making through unique technologies acquired over the years—in areas such as fermentation, separation and extraction, cooking and processing, bread baking, and flavor analysis. To fulfill our philosophy of turning something interesting into something tangible, we rely on our researchers’ individuality and curiosity to transform interesting phenomena observed in food science into value we create in the form of satisfying products, services and information that we can continue to offer our customers.

Extensive Food Evaluation Technologies

It is considered quite a challenge to objectively evaluate the taste of food items, but we have combined a sensory testing method and an instrumental analysis technique to develop technology to scientifically evaluate the taste of food items. We use analyzing technologies, based on a wealth of knowledge gained through the manufacturing of a variety of food items, to develop new products and help address the issues of our customers.

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