Our Business

Our Business

Manufacturing System for Safe Products

Food safety and trustworthiness is always our highest priority so as to deliver great quality products all over the world.

MC Food Specialties is a producer of food ingredients that support our customers to shape their product and business.

In addition to maintaining food safety and trustworthiness, we are strengthening our systems to ensure a stable supply of superior quality products, both domestically and internationally.

In line with our quality policies of “think from the customer perspective” and “quality first,” we have acquired ISO 9001 certification at all six of our production facilities in Japan and overseas, including our own plants and affiliate company plants. As well as continually working to improve quality, we are committed to ensuring environmentally friendly production. In all of our business activities, we contribute to building a sustainable society in accordance with Mitsubishi Corporation’s Environmental Charter.

Food Safety & Trustworthiness

With food under close scrutiny from safety and trustworthiness perspectives, we strictly control our raw materials and production processes to ensure continuing production of safe, high quality products. We maintain a high level of control at our domestic and global facilities to deliver trustworthy products that customers around the world can use with confidence.

Quality Initiatives

Tsuchiura Plant, Nikko Plant and PT. Fermentech Indonesia have acquired certification for the ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000* international standards, and strive for management in quality and safety. In addition, PT. Fermentech Indonesia has also acquired kosher and Halal certification.

* This standard for food safety control systems is an extension of the ISO 22000 international standard for food safety management systems.

Own plants

Tsuchiura Plant

Tsuchiura Plant

This plant was opened in 1956 as a total production facility. Using original fermentation and reaction technologies, the plant produces yeast extracts and other seasonings, as well as ingredients for confectionery and bread production. With the Food Research & Development Laboratory also on-site, it is able to liaise with the research and development division to speedily produce and deliver products that meet the needs of the market.

Nikko Plant

Nikko Plant

This plant was opened in 2006 as a specialized production facility for industrial liquors. It produces mirin, sake, brewed seasonings and other liquor-based seasonings and ethanol-based disinfectants. Using underground water from the Nikko mountains as its most important raw material, this plant is an environmentally friendly production facility.

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